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About Chicago International Charter School

Welcome to our website. Please take some time to learn more about CICS and the great things happening on our 16 neighborhood campuses. On these pages you'll see reflected the dedication of more than 600 educators who work longer school days and a longer school year than their counterparts at traditional public schools in order to ensure that their students master the skills and knowledge needed in college and beyond. Please understand that Chicago International Charter School's success is a direct result of the environment created by these men and women and their expectations of excellence for themselves and others.

At CICS, we strongly believe in a choice within a choice. To provide our families with choices beyond a charter school, we use a portfolio model with a diverse group of school management organizations (SMOs) on our campuses. Our campuses offer educational programs that range from classical interdisciplinary humanities to a highly structured model focused on math and reading to a next generation approach that imparts 21st Century skills in a blended context. However, regardless of the method, expectations for each partnership remain the same: shared accountability, strong relationships, and responsible decision making that always places children first. Because at CICS, we strongly believe that all children can learn and deserve access to a great school.