Our Core Values

Our core beliefs keep us honest and help us determine if our decisions and choices are the best course of action to meet our mission and vision, and achieve excellence with our students. This is what our vibrant hub of excellence, equity, and innovation will look like:


We are driven to make the world better for students. Our core motivation is to improve our world through education. All decisions are made through the lens of what is best for students. We have the courage to make tough calls that benefit students in the long term and a deep commitment to our work.

We are determined optimists. We believe the quality of our schools must match the boundless potential of our students. We are uncompromising on quality and equity, fueled by an urgency to improve, and grounded in the belief that anything is possible if we keep striving.

We nurture new ideas. We give brave approaches the space to take root and the support to flourish. We are driven by data, embrace constant iteration, and have the curiosity to learn alongside our students so we can constantly improve.

We get stuff done. We believe in hard work and humility. We’re focused on delivering results and we always maintain high expectations<,> for our students and ourselves.

We are powered by people and partnership. We value our partners and our relationships. We maintain trust through transparency, direct communication, and integrity. We work together with compassion and without ego because we know the best solutions are forged collectively.

We prioritize diversity and authenticity. Diversity and authenticity are non-negotiable in education. We bring our whole selves to work and school, tackle questions of race and equity, listen, and tap into the power of our differences individually and as a network.