Student Performance Update*

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Chicago International Charter School has made significant progress toward its goal of closing the achievement gap between the performance of our students and the performance of their more economically advantaged peers.

This is most evident in the year-on-year positive Growth Index numbers for the NWEA. During the 2010-2011 school year, the average student who attended a CICS elementary campus that had been opened for more than 3 years was achieving at or above the national average as measured by the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measure of Academic Progress (MAP).

CICS Elementary School Performance  

NWEA Scores Showing Improved Growth

This past year, we increased the overall percentage of students meeting projected growth targets on the NWEA reading and math scale. Spring 2011 NWEA data suggest 62% of students in math and 65% of students in reading have made their individual growth targets.

CICS exceeded typical growth in math and reading by scoring 2.5 RIT points above the math target and 2.2 RIT points above the reading target as compared to their more affluent peers.

Improved ISAT Scores:

Approximately 83% of CICS elementary students are meeting and/or exceeding state standards on the 2011 Illinois State Achievement Test (ISAT) in math and 74% in reading. From 2007 to 2011, our students increased CICS composite ISAT meets/exceeds percentages from 69% to 78%. This increase was driven primarily by the work of our school management partners in using NWEA data to inform instructional decisions in the classroom and on the campus level.

Composite ISAT 2010

Reading ISAT 2010

Math ISAT 2010

CICS High School Performance

Strong Graduation and College Enrollment Rates and Improving College Readiness Measures

In our high schools, The CICS Class of 2011 achieved an impressive four-year cohort graduation rate of 93.3%, the highest network-wide cohort graduation rate to date; as of September 2011, 94% of those graduates were accepted to college and 64.2% of those who were accepted enrolled in college by the fall of their graduating year.

NWEA: Measuring Growth

Using the Northwest Evaluation Assessment (NWEA) Measure of Academic Progress (MAPs) has given Chicago International the ability not only to track the proficiency of students, but also to better evaluate the growth of our students. This has helped us to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all students regardless of their individual achievement levels.


Furthermore, this information has allowed the organization to set growth and proficiency targets that are aligned with state standards. We utilize the NWEA Growth Index (GI) to gain perspective on the amount of growth we have accomplished above our targets. The GI measures the amount of points on NWEA’s scale in which a student or group exceeds typical growth.

College Commitment

Click here to see a list of colleges to which CICS students were accepted in 2010.


College Enrollment Statistics

Of CPS’s non-selective enrollment schools' 2009 college enrollment statistics:

  • CICS Northtown ranked #3
  • CICS Longwood ranked #5