Chicago Charter Schools

Leaders in Education Reform

The state of public education in America is at the lowest point in its recent history. Our high school graduation rate has fallen from 1st to 21st in the world,  since WWII. 1.2 million students drop out of high school each year and are forced to find work in a job market that, more and more often, requires a college degree or at the very least; a high school diploma. Charter schools are innovative public schools that are free from most of the rules and regulations that exist in traditional public schools but are accountable for their results.

It's undeniable that too many of our nation's kids are falling through the cracks. Public schools need quality teachers and educational programming that teaches to the students that the schools serve. Chicago International Charter School is addressing the problems of urban public education by making sure that every dollar is used both effectively and efficiently, and running CICS schools with the freedom and flexibly to develop curricula that works

CICS is developing a unique, robust educational management system. With design input from national research and school management organizations (SMOs), the system will include the technology to:

  •  Support the evaluation, analysis, and modification of teaching practices
  •  Track individual and aggregate student, campus, school, and SMO data over time
  •  Implement rubrics that assess SMO and teacher effectiveness 

The hope is that better data and improved student success will enhance relations with the community, the district, and regional policy makers. As we move forward as a data-driven school, we are able to see the growth of our students, and replicate best practices for scalable growth across the network.