Fact Sharing and Data Analysis Resources

CICS is committed to providing parents, family members, and communities with accessible, transparent, and fact-based references for how their city's schools are performing.

Chicago City-wide Elementary Analysis (2013 ISAT)

A brief walkthrough of how to read the information presented below, using 2012 ISAT results.

Brief Disclaimer: Using ISAT in isolation to measure academic success at a school provides only a narrow and potentially misleading perspective on a school's performance.  At CICS we use ISAT in conjunction with a number of student growth metrics to adequately measure how well our schools are performing and how much each child is learning. Students in grades 3-8 take the ISATs. Some high schools have middle school programs.

  • Explore the analysis for yourself

  • Or download it here.
    • First you will need to download and install Tableau Reader. It's free.
  • Access the raw data at the CPS website here.
    • Neighorhood data can be found here.

Where CICS Students Come From

A snapshot of where our students come from by CICS campus.

A Quick Look at SPED Populations by School Type

A snapshot of the percentage of SPED students at various types of CPS schools.

Please note that this calculation is based on CPS ISAT takers who have an IEP vs. those who do not have an IEP. This analysis is only directional, as this only accounts for 3rd through 8th grade students, only looks at elementary schools, and relies on schools to be accurately identifying SPED students. Also note, these data do not specify the type of IEP and therefore provide no specificity on the levels of SPED population served by each school type.

Interactive Data Tools (INCS)