Leaders in Education Reform

  • Center for Education Reform: A national organization dedicated to spreading factual information about charters, supporting grassroots pro-charter campaigns, and ensuring accurate media coverage for charters.
  • Chicago Public Schools: Charter schools are public schools funded by public dollars and one of many school options in the Chicago Public Schools portfolio of schools. Use this website to find information pertaining to the School District of Chicago.
  • National Alliance for Public Charter Schools: An advocacy organization committed to establishing a strong charter presence nationwide. Their website includes fact-based information on how charters are providing a high-quality education nationally.
  • NACSA National Association of Charter School Authorizers: NACSA is committed to increasing the quality of charter school authorizers. Authorizers grant prospective charter schools their charter to operate a school.
  • National Association of State Directors of Special Education, Inc.: An organization focused on improving education for children with special needs.
  • National Charter School Resource Center: An organization carrying out extensive research on areas such as charter school effectiveness, collaboration with traditional schools, and government policies for charter schools.
  • National Education Association: This is a link to the NEA’s page outlining their position on charters. It provides links to studies on academic effectiveness and accountability for charter schools.
  • New Schools for Chicago: A Chicago based organization allowing parents to find quality charter schools, compare charter schools with neighborhood schools, and decide which school is best for their child.
  • Illinois Network of Charter Schools: An Illinois organization dedicated to supporting and educating the public about charter schools. INCS also provides extensive data on charter school performance in Illinois.
  • Illinois State Board of Education: This website provides information on Illinois state educational standards and programs.
  • United States Department of Education: Information and perspective about education events occurring nationally.