CICS Irving Park (K-8)



Campus Profile

CICS Irving Park Callouts

  • At CICS Irving Park, we are passionately committed to collaborating with families and the community to create a school that fosters the academic and personal growth of every student. The Irving Park team works together every minute of every day to personalize learning through modern technology, building strong relationships and best teaching practices to inspire and prepare students for their future.


Understanding Outcomes

  • The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) measures the percent of individual students
    meeting and/or exceeding set growth targets based on normative data.
    • NWEA measures of 50-70% of students meeting their individual growth targets are considered above average
    • NWEA measures greater than 70% of students meeting their individual growth target are considered exemplary
  • Growth index measures the amount of points on NWEA’s scale in which a student or group
    is above or below typical growth.

Location and Contact

CICS Irving Park 

3820 N Spaulding Ave

Chicago, IL 


Phone: 1-773-433-5000

Director: J.W. Kuebler

Assistant Director: Jaime Barraza (interim)