CICS Open Houses

We hope you will consider visiting one of our open houses for prospective families!

If the dates below have passed or you are not available to attend, please call the school or request a tour online.

Elementary Schools

  • CICS Avalon,  1501 E. 83rd PL. 773-721-0858
    -Parent tours by request.
  • CICS Basil, 1816 W GARFIELD Pl.  773-778-9455
    -Parent tours by request.
  • CICS Bucktown, 2235 N HAMILTON AVE. 773-645-3321
    -Parent tours are offered Tuesdays from 12:30p-2:30pm. Please call to schedule.
  • CICS Irving Park, 3820 N. SPAULDING AVE. 773-433-5000
    Parent tours by request.  Call Beth Colodny in advance to confirm:
    CICS Lloyd Bond: 13300 S. LANGLEY AVE. 773-468-1300
  • -Parent tours by request.
  • CICS Longwood, 1309 W 95th ST. 773-238-5330
    -Parent tours by request.
  • CICS Loomis, 9535 S. LOOMIS AVE. 773-429-8955
    -Parent tours by request.
  • CICS Prairie, 11530 S. PRAIRIE AVE. 773-928-0480
    -Parent tours by request.
  • CICS Washington Park, 110 E 61st ST.
    -Parent tours by request. Grades K-4 call 773-347-0200
    -Parent tours by request. Grades 5-8 call 773-324-3300
  • CICS West Belden, 2245 N MCVICKER AVE. 773-637-9430
    -Parent tours are offered Fridays at 9:00am. Please call Doris Fregoso to make an appointment.
  • CICS Wrightwood, 8130 S CALIFORNIA AVE. 773-434-4575
    --Friday, March 15, 2018 from 5pm-6pm

High Schools

  • CICS ChicagoQuest, 1443 N Ogden Ave. 773-565-2100
    -Parent tours by request.
  • CICS Longwood, 1309 W. 95th St. 773-238-5330
    -Parent tours by request.
  • CICS Northtown, 3900 W. Peterson Ave. 773-478-3655
    -Parent tours by request.

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