CICS Wrightwood (K-8)


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CICS Wrightwood Callouts

A partnership of teachers, staff, and families, and community work together to create a nurturing environment where all students are offered rigorous and engaging learning opportunities that foster student understanding of themselves and the world.



Understanding Outcomes

  • The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) measures the percent of individual students
    meeting and/or exceeding set growth targets based on normative data.
    • NWEA measures of 50-70% of students meeting their individual growth targets are considered above average
    • NWEA measures greater than 70% of students meeting their individual growth target are considered exemplary
  • Growth index measures the amount of points on NWEA’s scale in which a student or group is above or below typical growth.

Location and Contact

CICS Wrightwood

8130 South California Avenue
Chicago, IL 60652-2717
Phone: (773) 434-4575
Director: Jillian Carew