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Minds on a mission

ChicagoQuest is a free, public middle and high school designed for today’s scholars to bridge old and new learning through design and innovation. We offer a rigorous, project-based and interactive curriculum that is designed to prepare its students for college, career, and sophisticated participation in our globally connected, digitized world. At Chicago Quest, we know that it is not what you know, but what you can do with what you know.

Does your child ask why ... alot? Likes to analyze and design things? Gets excited about problem solving? Enjoys learning? Then CQ is for you. We prepare today's student for tomorrow's challenges and successes. Our students are college bond and prepared to be future leaders and inventors. Our scholars are curious thinkers with Minds on a mission.

Quick ChicagoQuest facts:

  • 2nd school of its kind in the United States (first in NYC).
  • Serves students from over 50 neighborhoods.

ChicagoQuest is changing the way students learn, think and grow in the world. Under the leadership of Director, Joyce Pae, Chicago Quest is located at 1443 N. Ogden Avenue, Chicago 60610. 

CICS ChicagoQuest opened in September 2011, currently offering grades 6-10. Chicago Quest will grow by an additional grade each year to serve grades 6-12 by 2017.

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Minds on a Mission!

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