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Providing high quality public education on the public dollar has been a core value of CICS from the organization’s founding.

It remains an important touchstone for our organization throughout recent reductions in per pupil funding (CICS is currently operating at 2008 funding levels).

We do more with less.

All CICS campuses that have been open for three years or more outperform their neighborhood schools. Elementary school students are closing the achievement gap and our high school graduation rate is 91%. Nearly all of our students are African American or Latino. Most qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. Many come from struggling neighborhoods where poverty and violence can make it difficult to focus on education… and yet they do, every day of the longer school year available at our campuses.

Education is the key.

We believe that a quality public education should be available to every child, regardless of their family’s economic status. This preparation is critical to solving many of the other challenges facing our city, state, and nation. While public dollars will continue to be our primary funding source, we recognize that we cannot continue to function at a high level indefinitely with the same or fewer dollars per student. This is where you come in.

Make a difference for children today.

Your gift will help close the funding gap and provide a best-in-class K-12 education for the urban students we serve. Please consider a gift to support CICS.

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