Every Child, Every Day

To provide scholars with the resources they need to achieve their best, we are committed to raising a dollar a day in honor of each scholar.

By supporting Every Child, Every Day you can ensure every CICS scholar is college bound.

More About Every Child, Every Day

Because every child deserves a high quality education, we’ve moved beyond the achievement gap, to focus on the "college readiness gap."

What does that mean for CICS scholars and their future?
It means that when we closed the achievement gap—although this was a major accomplishment—only 1 in 3 CICS scholars were prepared for college.  And that is no longer good enough.

Our new vision requires and expects that EVERY SINGLE CICS GRADUATE can get into and succeed in a rigorous 4 year college or university. 

Unfortunately, inequality still remains between funding provided for a charter public school student and funding provided for a traditional public school student. Historically, CICS has accepted operating “better” schools on the public funds available—but that is no longer acceptable. Until funding equality for all public school children is a reality, CICS will cultivate additional support to ensure that our students are prepared for college. For CICS scholars, this gap equates to between $300 and $500 per student each school year. 

By raising a dollar a day in honor of every scholar in the CICS network, we will come closer to closing that funding gap and closing the college readiness gap.

Our Scholars Are Headed for Success

These CICS scholars share how what they've learned in the classroom has influenced their future goals:

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