Our Donors

Thank you to the people and organizations whose generosity has made critical investments in our scholars possible. We are grateful for your support and the difference that it makes for the students, teachers and staff of the CICS network. Your generosity is crucial in helping us support Every Child, Every Day.

For more on how you can join these donors in supporting the work of CICS, please visit our Ways to Give page.

Program Level Donors— $9,125 and above
The Broad Center
Catherine Gottfred
Community Foundation of Northern Illinois
Craig and Patty Henderson
C.W. Henderson & Associates 
John and Jeanne Rowe
LEAP Innovations
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Keiser Donor Advised Fund
New Schools for Chicago
Philip M. Friedmann Family Charitable Trust
Rauner Family Foundation
The Tobey Foundation

Classroom Level Donors— $3,560 and above
Craig Omtvedt and Jane Omtvedt
Chris and Jessica Vodicka
Food Service Professionals
John & Weezie Gates Charitable Trust
Laura Thonn
The Robert and Pamela Delaney Foundation
Roger McEniry
Vanguard Charitable: David and Debbie Chizewer Fund

Study Group Level Donors— $1,825 and above
Alex and Ellen Moore Fund
Barbara and Richard Metzler
Digital Benefit Advisors
James Murphy
kCura Corporation
Mary Thonn
Mesirow Financial
Tom Nieman

Scholar Level Donors— $365 and above
Alberta L. Johnson
Bryan Simkin and Jovanna Feldman
Carmen Almazan
Daniel Anello
Daniel Leib
Dolly Irizarry
Elizabeth and Jeff Purvis
Elizabeth McKenna
Gorter Family Foundation
The Grossbauer Group
Heather Kracik
James Valenti
Jennifer Naber
Jodie Laughlin
John Bollero
John and Kathleen Sfikas 
Krista Gallagher
Maureen Miller
Michael C. Jackson 
Michael Petkovich
Michael Sullivan
Nancy Gidwitz
Rana Khan
Richard Doppelt
Ronald Lunt
Stacy Beardsley
Stephen Wool
William Blair & Company Foundation

Friends of CICS— up to $365
Academy of our Lady Alumnae Association
Andrew Larsen
Ann Kauth 
Anne Kostyo
Anthony Smaniotto
Astrid Araya
Barbara Manny
Barry & Hilary Weinstein Family Charitable Foundation
Bossy Family Foundation Trust
Brian Moran
Bryan Pepper and Family
Cara Rogers
Carmen Almazan
Cezar Froelich
Charles Botthof
Christopher and Julie Longo
Chris Shields
Daniel McCaffery
Daniel Ryan
David R. Lind
David Ryan
David Thonn
Dea Meyer
Debra Lee Smith
Edgar Galindo
Edith Prado
Edmund Woodbury
Edward G. Lemire, D.D.S.
Eileen Krupa
Elizabeth Talbott
Eugene Walega
Finley Brown III
Focus Point Promotions, Inc
Francis Nkwocha
Francisco Cortes
Fred Ehmke
Gary Beban
Gary Kachadurian
Gary Kobus
George Cibula, Jr.
George Good
George Pappas
Gerald O’Malley
H. Patrick Hackett
Heidi Casey
Heidi Hageman
Helen R. Wargel
Ifleda Q. Millon and Danilo G. Millon
Isa Rodriguez
Jack Mackercher
James A. Homan
James Alexander
James B. Hoesley
James P. Martin 
James Sheridan 
James Stovall 

Friends of CICS (continued)
Jane Hoffman
Javara Perrilliat
Jeff Blake
Jeffrey B. Devine
Jeffrey Gumbiner
John Atchison
John Campbell
John F. Mc Kinney
John Grissim
John J. Oelerich
John Kachadurian
John McKinney
John P. Vaile
John and Jan Quirin
John Ryan
John Siff
Johnson Asemota and Sandra Belo-Osagie
Jon Thompson
Josalyn T. Drain
Joseph G. Girardi Ttee
Joseph Wise
Joseph Valenti Jr. Family Foundation
Juliana Abbott
Karen Bloomfield
Kathleen Clarke
Kathleen Iriarte
Kathleen Van Hecke
Ken Szady
Kristin Schrepferman
Laura Fisher
Lucy Rosales
Mark & Helene Connolly
Mark Goodman and Associates, INC.
Marlene Garza-Anaya
Mary Ann Boggs
Mary Beach
Mary Petri
Meghan Schmidt
Michael Bower
Michael Crane
Michael Dillon George
Michael J. Burns
Michael King
Michael McLaughlin
Michael Richwine
Michael Ritter
Microix, Inc.
Moneka Isreal
Monica Green-Wilson
Morrison Properties, LLC
Newcastle Limited
Norton O’Meara
Oxford Capital Group, LLC
Patricia Costante
Patrick J Coyle
Paul Boneham
Peter Cyrus
Peter J. Broccolo
Peter Regis
R.A. Diamond
Rev. Gregory Rom
Richard Ross, Jr.
Richard W. Burke
Robert C. Bridges
Robert Clarke
Robert Cook
Robert Delaney
Robert and Leah Durst
Robert F. Toland, Jr.
Robert J. Nowlin
Robert Sullivan
Robert W. Thomas
Rosemary Hastings
Ryan McLaughlin
Scott Saunders
Sharon Kummerer
Stephen Azar
Stephen Fitzgerald
Stephen Voris
Steve Livaditis
Steven & Gwenn Suvada
Steven Disse
Steven Krupa
Susan Garr
Tara Shuman
Terry McKay
Thomas Davis
Timothy Beechick
Todd Berlinghof
Tony Fuerst
Tonya Rambo
Violet Clark
Virginia Glantz
Warren Otto
Wines for Humanity, LLC

Matching Gift Companies
Allstate Insurance Company
Amazon Smile Foundation
BP Foundation
Deutsche Bank
General Electric Foundation
Illinois Toolworks Foundation
Nuveen Asset Management
Pfizer Foundation

In-Kind Contributors
Aligned Modern Health
Avik Herur-Raman
Benjamin Dohmen
Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox Charities, Inc.
Daniel Goodwin
Glencoe PTO
Elizabeth and Jeff Purvis

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