Our Donors

Thank you to the people and organizations whose generosity has made critical investments in our scholars possible. We are grateful for your support and the difference that it makes for the students, teachers and staff of the CICS network. Your generosity is crucial in helping us support Every Child, Every Day.

For more on how you can join these donors in supporting the work of CICS, please visit our Ways to Give page.

Allstate Insurance Company
Amazon Smile Foundation
Daniel Anello
Johnson Asemota
Mary Ann Boggs
Mr. and Mrs. John Bollero
David Campbell
Marge Carroll
ChiACTS Local 4343
Chicago Cubs
David and Debbie Chizewer
Violet Clark
Kathleen Clarke
Thierry Dewindt
Marisol Duerr
Robert Durst
Angela Ewings
First American Bank
John and Weezie Gates Charitable Trust
Glencoe PTO
Good Sports
Monica Green-Wilson
Rosemary Hastings
C.W. Henderson and Associates
Illinois Toolworks Inc.
Michael Jackson
Emma James
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Keiser Donor Advised Fund
Rana Khan
Anne Kostyo
Debra Lee
Roger McEniry
Richard and Barbara Metzler
New Schools for Chicago
Michael and Stephanie Oettinger
Ostrow, Reisin, Berk, & Abrams, Ltd.
Bryan Pepper
Mary Petri
John Quirin
Tonya Rambo
Dawn Riggins Navejas
Isa Rodriguez
Rev. Gregory Rom
Lucy Rosales
Meghan Schmidt
John Sfikas
Bryan Simkin and Jovanna Feldman
Michael Sullivan
Laura Thonn
Jim and Tricia Valenti
Kathleen Van Hecke
Eugene Walega
Dr. Joseph Wise

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