Carmela Twilley, alumna of CICS Bucktown, requested permission from CICS in order to conduct a research project for a university class on the study of children's understanding of social roles in the medical field. Students were encouraged to draw pictures of both doctors and nurses working. 

In her research, Carmela found, "that students were prone to think of doctors as males and nurses as females". Whereby recognizing Doctors conduct more technical actions such as surgery and procedures, and nurses perform more helping actions such as administering medicine, giving shots, etc. 

This research was selected by a well-renowned organization, the Jean Piaget Society, and will be presented at its yearly conference in San Francisco. "This is a huge deal, as the Piaget society is a leading group in child development. We are very excited about the results," Carmela explains of this well-deserved recognition. We are so proud of Carmela and her research and wish her the best in San Francisco.