Scholars Complete 2016 Accenture Mentoring Program

Accenture mentors and students

CICS Scholars practice their elevator pitches with Accenture mentors

On Friday, May 6th, CICS Northtown and CICS Longwood scholars attended their last Accenture mentoring event for the year! This year marked the first male cohort of students participating in the mentoring program designed to give scholars professional connections with Accenture employees as the scholars move into college and careers. The male cohort of ten CICS Northtown scholars joined thirty Northtown and Longwood female scholars for a morning of networking and practicing elevator pitches with the Accenture staff. As a unique opportunity to get a feel for international business, the group was able to participate in a teleconference with Accenture employees in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The scholars were able to ask the Buenos Aires team questions about life and work in Argentina, as well as respond to questions about Chicago.

Scholars teleconference with Accenture employees in Argentina

Scholars join a teleconference with Accenture employees in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Throughout the day, scholars were further encouraged to make and follow their goals in order to achieve success in work and in life. “What I like about Accenture is the ownership and leadership of knowing exactly what you want to do with your life. The program has taught me to never give up no matter what paths life takes you on, and to own and take control of your life so that you can be ready for the world,” says CICS Longwood scholar Nataya B.

Longwood Scholars and mentees  CICS NTA Scholars and mentees

(left) CICS Longwood scholars and Accenture mentees Sierra and Nataya 
(right) CICS Northtown scholars and Accenture mentees Daisy and Alia

CICS Northtown seniors Daisy T. and Alia O., who have been involved with Accenture throughout high school and will graduate in just a few weeks, shared that Accenture helped them to plan for their futures as well. The male cohort of students from CICS Northtown is most excited to help shape the program for the young men who will join the program next year, even suggesting tougher interview questions and getting more involved in the application process.

Altogether, the scholars agreed that having a mentor to go to in order to ask for advice was incredibly useful in school and for future careers. Thank you to all those who participated in the program this year!