CICS Advocacy in Action

As a crucial step to continue their community connections, CICS schools have been interacting with local legislators in a number of ways!

Rep Cabello at CICS Jackson

Rep. Cabello with CICS Jackson 8th Graders

CICS Jackson invited State Representative John Cabello to spend the day seeing their personalized learning model in action, while CICS Longwood hosted State Senator Emil Jones III for a tour of the school and a meeting with students and staff.

Sen Jones with Longwood Students and Staff

Sen. Jones with CICS Longwood students and staff

Alderman Derrick Curtis also joined a luncheon to show appreciation for CICS Wrightwood’s staff, saying “I am so happy that you have chosen to demonstrate such wonderful support to our children and your hard work and diligence to bring CICS Wrightwood to a Level 1 charter school.”

Alderman Curtis with Wrightwood Parents and Staff

Alderman Curtis with CICS Wrightwood parents and staff

CICS must also recognize all of the parent and staff Advocacy Ambassadors who have put in so much time and effort during the 2015-2016 school year. The Advocacy Ambassadors have better enabled CICS schools to stay in touch with their legislators and share the transformative work being done in CICS classrooms each day.

Most recently, we must thank Ms. Scalzetti and Ms. Ortega from CICS West Belden and Ms. Doria from CICS Loomis for speaking to the CPS board on behalf of CICS. View video of Ms. Scalzetti and Ms. Ortega

We are excited to share that Ms. Carr, from CICS Irving Park, is our CICS Parent Advocate of the Year! 

Ms. Carr with Ms. Breo and Ms. Schmidt at CICS Irving Park

Ms. Carr, Parent Advocate of the Year, with Ms. Breo and Ms. Schmidt at CICS Irving Park

Thank you to all of the wonderful parents and staff who generously give their time in order to help CICS connect with their legislators and their communities!