CICS Rallies for Barack Obama Presidential Library

 On January 14th and 15th, over two thousand people gathered to raise their opinions about bringing the Barack Obama presidential library to the South Side of Chicago. Along with school leadership, scholars from CICS Washington Park and CICS Basil attended the public hearings, showing their support for the library proposal. CICS Washington Park scholar Keala S. spoke about the impact the library would have on her, and about how the quality of education would improve for all students in the community. Stacey Shells, Managing Director of Victory Education Partners—the school management organization serving CICS Avalon, CICS Basil, and CICS Washington Park—also spoke in favor of the library. Stacey described how the library would serve as a resource for students by providing world-class resources and enrichment opportunities, adding that “Our students are headed to college!”  

The CICS scholars in attendance were proud to be involved in their communities and make their voices heard in the discussion.