CICS Helps Launch Elevate Chicago!

On February 27, 2017 CICS parents and staff helped launch Charters for Change—a new coalition of a growing coalition of students, teachers, parents, families, and organizations who believe every child in Chicago deserves a great public school, no matter what neighborhood they live in.

Together with parents from public charter schools from across the city Charters for Change hopes to "Elevate Chicago" by bridging the education divide between students across the city. 

"Too many students are denied access to great schools simply because of where they live," says the website. 

That’s why parents, students, and community members are joining forces to support great charter public schools in their communities and give these schools the tools they need to succeed.​ By coming together, we can lift up Chicago’s students, neighborhoods, and future – and give every child in our city a path to succeed. Together, we can Elevate Chicago.

Participating organizations include: The Bloc, Catalyst Schools, CHAMPS Mentoring, Chicago International Charter Schools, Friends of CICS Tennis, the Ideal Candidate, the Illinois Network of Charter Schools, Intrinsic Schools, KIPP Chicago, LEARN Charter School Network, Noble Network of Charter Schools, North Lawndale College Prep High School, Northwestern Settlement, Perspectives Charter Schools, Play Smart Literacy, Rowe Elementary School, UChicago Charter School, UCSN, and We All Live Here.