Congratulations to the Latest Class of Piedmont Interns!

CICS Northtown Academy scholars Fiza, Taha, and Vanessa with Piedmont Senior Property Manager Rebecca Miles

Congratulations to CICS Northtown scholars Vanessa M. (Class of 2018), Taha M. (Class of 2017), and Fiza M.  (Class of 2018) for their completion of the 2016 Piedmont Office Realty Trust Internship Program! Vanessa, Taha, and Fiza spent two weeks working with Rebecca Miles, Piedmont’s Senior Property Manager, to learn the ins and outs of commercial real estate in Chicago.

Through their time in the program, the three CICS Northtown scholars were able to complete site visits at multiple downtown Chicago buildings, as well as meet with several professionals in the industry.  “This internship helped me build a network: one I [will] always refer back to when in need of any sort of assistance,” said Vanessa, “it helped me build social skills when going out and taking opportunities for myself rather than waiting for them to come to me.”

As a culminating project, each scholar presented their designs and pitch for their own property. Overall, the scholars valued the opportunity to learn about commercial real estate, build a strong network, and gain experience meeting new people in a professional setting.

“The people we met throughout our internship were very excited to meet us and extremely friendly,” said Fiza. “The friendly environment helped us to get to learn something new each and every day. One of the important things we learned was networking and its importance in life. We were encouraged to use it in our future, which I intend to do.”

Taha added that, “this experience has taught me a lot: skills that I’m going to need every step of the way.  Some of these skills include public speaking, networking, and the importance of relationships.... One thing I’m taking out of this internship is the importance of good public relations. I feel like as soon as I go back to school, I will definitely be more outgoing than I ever have been over the past three years.”

“Our team is always excited to meet our summer interns, and this year was no exception,” remarked Ms. Miles. “The young women from CICS Northtown were engaging and a real pleasure to have in our office.  Our hope is that they stay in touch and perhaps consider pursuing one of the many possible careers available to them in commercial real estate.”

Thank you as always to Rebecca Miles and Piedmont Office Realty Trust!

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