The Productivity of Public Charter Schools

“Charter Schools tend to exhibit more productivity than traditional public schools.” Researchers from the University of Arizona recently analyzed the efficiency of traditional public schools versus charter school based on the amount of public funding that they receive in comparison to their students’ scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). The study concluded that not only do charter schools perform better on NAEP than traditional public schools in both math and reading, but they are also more cost efficient because across the nation charter schools receive less money per pupil than traditional public schools.

These findings are particularly poignant for Illinois because charter schools through the state serve a higher percentage of special education students and students with free or reduced lunch. This indicates that not only are charter schools doing more for their students than traditional public schools, but they are doing it for populations that are historically low performing subgroups, which is further proof that all students can succeed even with less public funding. 

Now just imagine what charter schools could do with equal funding to traditional public schools?