Teacher Appreciation at CICS!

May 1st-7th marks not only National Charter Schools Week, but also Teacher Appreciation Week! See what these CICS parents, scholars, and fellow staff members had to say to the teachers who have done an amazing job all year.

  • "Teachers and Staff, I love you for your hard work and dedication through at times unspeakable odds. I love you for making sure our students are cared for and appreciated everyday. Thanks for all that you do." -Mr. Knight, Director, CICS Lloyd Bond
  • "I would like to give a shout out to Lloyd Bond's school counselor, Ms. Wiley. Her job is often thankless, but our school would not be a Level 1+ school without her. She helps our students with their social/emotional needs with awesome weekly guidance lessons on problem/solution, keeping friends, bullying, tattling, giving/getting respect, personal hygiene, and self control. My kindergarten students behavior has improved so much with her lessons. She often spends her own money on socks, underwear, uniform shirts/pants, shoes, back packs, coats,hygiene products, and Christmas presents for needy students. She knows she doesn't have to do this, but she wants to make sure the students feel confident when they walk through the doors of the school. She also goes out of her way to get signed permission slips for the students to get a dental and eye exam each year. This year 200 students received an eye exam! This was our best year yet! I can't say enough great things about Ms. Wiley. She is always there to give a hug or listen to any student who needs help. People often forget to thank her because she is not a classroom teacher. I wanted to make sure she was recognized for her awesome commitment to our school." -Ms. Zenos, CICS Lloyd Bond
  • "We would like to send a shout out at all of our son's teachers this year. They have all been extremely helpful in supporting him to do better and achieve all his goals. We couldn't just appreciate one teacher! Advisory 113 rocks!!" -The Almazan Family, CICS Northtown
  • "I would like to recognize Ms. Habein for being an outstanding middle school math teacher. Ms. Habein exudes kindness while teaching rigorous differentiated lessons. Ms. Habein's students love her style of teaching and respect her immensely. CICS-Irving Park is lucky to have her!" -Ms. Green, CICS Irving Park
  • "CICS Northtown has been such a wonderful experience for my son Sam! He has Down Syndrome and Arthritis. The entire teaching staff and administration have been supportive, encouraging and accepting of Sam to help shape him to be the best student he can be. Sam is accepted by his peers and feels so happy to go to school! A big shout out to Ms. Coughlin, Ms. Henricks, Mr. Poulemanos, Ms. Juarez, Ms. Silverman, Ms. Svachula, Mr. Martin, and the many teachers and staff of CICS Northtown that make it happen every day for Sam! I am proud to have you in his life! Thank you Dr. Emmett, School Director at CICS Northtown Academy, for running such a positive school for all!" -Ms. Petri, parent, CICS Northtown

Loomis Artwork 

Artwork from Ms. Piper's class at CICS Loomis

  • "Ms. Piper is the city's best art teacher, we guarantee it. Our students create masterpieces that are pure magic thanks to her insane skills. She is warm, kind and incredibly talented. We are beyond blessed to have her on the Loomis team!" -Mrs. Girard, Director, CICS Loomis
  • "It's hard to say thank you to only one teacher because they all do such a great job. So to all the teachers at CICS Bucktown I would like to say Thank You! Thank You for all that you do for my children doing ‪#‎whateverittakes‬ to help them reach their goals. Many times you may think your job goes unnoticed but I see all the hard work that's put in to making your class the best. And for that, my family and I Thank You. To all the staff: Thank You!" -Ms. Cabrales, parent, CICS Bucktown‬
  • "Thank you for always helping me during and after class. Thank you for always pushing me to the next step (especially Mr. Nedich). Thank you for preparing me not only for next year but for college and life. Mr. Cummings, Ms. Wilkie, Ms. Conant, Mr. Neidich, Ms. MacQueen, Ms. Zaretzky, and Ms. Wilberding." -Marissa K., student at CICS Northtown Academy
  • "Shout out to all Advisory 110 teachers. For us they are the pillars of our son's success. To teach is to touch a life forever. Certainly they touch ours. They took his hand, open his mind and touch his heart. THANK YOU ALL!!!" -The Tan Family, CICS Northtown Academy
  • "Ms. Vogt and Ms. Kamego are amazing kindergarten teachers! They both strive to meet the needs of every child in their classroom through differentiated lessons and personalized learning! Their classrooms are warm, safe and nurturing and every student in their classroom is lucky to have them! They are true leaders on their team and we're grateful to have them at Loomis!" -Mrs. Girard, Director, CICS Loomis
  • "Mrs. Kulig: Your words are genuinely encouraging and caring. Your efforts, including late night email responses, prove your dedication to the children and to your craft. We are so very grateful that you are at CICS Northtown Academy. Ms. Valley, Ms. Wilkie, Ms. Mazanek, Mr. Petraitis, Ms. Strohmeier, Ms. MacQueen: Thank you for knowing my son and understanding his weaknesses as well as his strengths. Always providing him opportunities to be the best that he can be. Most importantly, being patient with his parents who expect nothing less from him. You are our rock – we are so grateful for each and every one of you. Mr. Hebert: Your vast knowledge of how to prepare or get into college is priceless. I am overwhelmingly surprised with the different college tours offered this year. Thank you for extending intern opportunities and offering honest advice. It is truly welcomed and appreciated!" -The Maxie/Jiminez Family, CICS Northtown
  • "Mr. Tovar, my son's math teacher, does an outstanding job. He is always willing to go out of his way and spend the extra time needed to help my son succeed. We are very appreciative of all his hard work. I would also like to send a note regarding Ms. Forster. She also goes above and beyond in helping her students succeed. She really cares about her students. All the teachers through the years that my son has attended CICS Northtown Academy have been amazing. Northtown teachers are really a cut above. They all go out of their way to help the students." -Ms. Bucaro, parent, CICS Northtown
  • "Ms. Rohan is an outstanding and unique teacher that CICS Irving Park is lucky to have! Every morning she stands with a smiling face ready to greet her students. As she says good morning to each child, one by one, you can see the joy reciprocated in their faces. In her classroom she leads her students through inquiry and learning in a manner that is so calm and inviting, it creates an awesome powerful community, drawing every learner in. Ms. Rohan has worked hard this year to instill empathy in her students. They hold community meetings daily and work as a class to make all students feel welcome and heard. Students and adults that walk into Learning Studio 2 are inspired by the great work that Ms. Rohan does and it is hard to leave!" Ms. Colodny, CICS Irving Park
  • "The educators at CICS Northtown are amazing! Their dedication to students and to their profession serves as an inspiration to me. What a blessing to have such strong educators serving students in our wonderful school." —Josh Emmett, Director, CICS Northtown
  • "Ms. Green does whatever it takes to ensure that students are highly engaged and learning at their level. She works with all teachers from kindergarten-8th grade in a personalized way. Ms. Green is never alone during the school days - she is either with a small group of students providing them math intervention and enrichment or she is coaching teachers in their classrooms. She truly stops at nothing and supports kids and teachers every minute every day." - Ms. Halkias, CICS Irving Park
  • "What can I say about such a person: kind, friend, helpful in different matters, conscious of others, gets the job done, go-to person, well -espected, will displine when necessary, fair, a great asset to any administration. Her name is Ms. Place." -Ms. Hoover, CICS Northtown