Application Instructions &
Frequently Asked Questions

CICS Application Instructions

    • Complete one application (elementary or high school) per student, choosing at least one campus to apply to. 
    • Submit your application online, by mail, by fax, or by email. The application must arrive at the CICS main office by the deadline date listed. If you mailed your application, we recommend that you call a week after mailing to confirm its receipt. If you faxed your application, please call 15 minutes after it was faxed to confirm its receipt. 
    • Students who apply after the lottery date will be added to the wait list.
    • If the lottery offers your child a seat at one of our campuses, you will receive a letter from CICS with mandatory registration information. Otherwise, you will receive a wait list letter. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain an application?

You can apply online, stop by any of our campuses, or call the CICS Network office at 312-651-5000 to request an application.

What application must be filled out?

If you are a new student entering high school, you are to fill out a High School New Student Application If you are a CURRENT CICS student that would like to apply for a transfer to another CICS campus, you are to fill out a CICS Transfer Application.

Will my child receive sibling preference?

Students that have a brother or sister currently enrolled at CICS will receive sibling preference if you apply to the same campus. Acceptance is not guaranteed. Please note that cousins, nieces, nephews or living in the same household is not considered sibling preference. All applications received after deadline dates are added to the waitlist. Sibling status will be verified.

How will I know if my application was received?

Applications can be filled out online and will receive an email confirmation of the application received. For applications that are faxed to 312-651-5001, it is recommended the parent contact the CICS Network Office at 312-651-5000 15 minutes after it was faxed for verbal confirmation. For applications that are mailed in, it is recommended the parent contact the CICS Network office at 312-651-5000 one week after it has been sent for verbal confirmation.

What is the deadline to receive the applications, when will the lottery take place, and do I need to be present?

GoCPS 9th Grade applications deadline: December 22, 2017.
Round 1 offers will be available March 30, 2018.

Chicago High School Application Deadline for 10th-12th grade: January 26, 2018, 5:00pm
Chicago High School Lottery: February 7, 2018, 5:00pm at CICS ChicagoQuest 1443 N Ogden Ave

Chicago Elementary Application School Deadline: March 23, 2018, 5:00pm
Chicago Elementary School Lottery: April 4, 2018, 5:00pm at CICS ChicagoQuest 1443 N Ogden Ave.

The lottery is open to the public and it is not mandatory to be present.

Applications received after the deadline will automatically be added to the wait list.

How will I be notified of the lottery results?

Letters will be mailed out to parents on the Friday after the lottery has been conducted. Parents will either receive an acceptance letter or a wait list letter. Results of the lottery will not be given by phone for the 2 weeks following the lottery. If the student has been given an offer to one of our campuses, an acceptance letter will be sent that will include registration information. If the student was not selected through the lottery, the student is placed on a wait list and the parent will receive a wait list letter.

How does the wait list work?

In the instance that there are more applications than seats available, students may be placed on the wait list. Students that were not selected through the lottery are randomly placed on a wait list. The wait list remains open until mid-September. CICS will call waitlisted students as seats become available. Once selected, the parent will either receive an acceptance letter or a phone call offering the seat to the child(ren). Once a student has been given an offer for a seat, the child will be removed from all other campus waitlists.

If one child is admitted off the wait list, will their sibling be admitted?

If one child has been offered a seat, CICS will try to place their sibling(s) at the same campus. Unfortunately this is not guaranteed, as placement for any student relies on available seats at that campus. Please note: sibling preference status will be verified.

Where is my child on the wait list?

If you have applied online, you may log in to your account and view your child's status. If you did not apply online, you may call the CICS office at 312-651-5000 for an update. Please note that the wait list status of a student will be given within a ten-point range. For example, "your child falls between one and ten on the wait list."

Does the wait list carry over to the next school year or do I need to re-apply?

The wait list does not carry over and closes in mid-September. Students not selected from the wait list will need to re-apply. Applications for the new school year are available October 1st.

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