Best Practices

Chicago International Charter School takes pride in sharing best practices with administrators, educators and advocates across its network through the following platforms:

Professional Development Seminars

CICS hires educational consultants who regularly provide educators with professional development counsel. Trainings include a wide variety of topics ranging from special education procedures to classroom management skills to learning how to use student outcomes to drive instruction.

Teachers' Summit

Recognizing parents’ desire to have a voice in their children’s education, CICS formed a network-wide parent advisory group, which has made a number of helpful suggestions to improve students’ educational experience. One notable parent group recommendation: the semi-annual Teachers' Summit, where CICS educators gather together to participate in professional development workshops and forums.

Speaker Series

CICS has established itself as a thought leader in the areas of urban education and school choice. To facilitate this conversation, CICS will host a series of speaking engagements featuring experts’ reflections on school reform. The speaker series will be open to educators across the state of Illinois.


CICS produces a publication annually that serves as a resource to many of its stakeholders. The stories shared in each issue help increase network pride, allow educational leaders to study our charter school network and support our continuous improvement efforts, and establish CICS as a thought leader.

Examples of our Best Practice tools