Frequently Asked Questions: Teachers

Thank you for considering a career with Chicago International Charter School!

To apply to teach or work at a CICS campus, please follow the instructions below. You will note that, depending upon which school interests you, the application process will vary slightly.

Chicago International Charter School partners with School Management Organizations (SMOs) to facilitate the day-to-day operations at CICS campuses. The SMOs hire staff and faculty, provide professional development services, and manage the schools for performance results. While the SMO runs the school, the campus director and teachers are free to focus on the students and build the school culture.

We celebrate the innovations and differences in approaches to teaching and learning that come with each School Management Organization and campus. We are committed to putting children first, operating our campuses with the firm belief that all children can learn and deserve access to a great school.

Q: How can I apply for positions at Chicago International Charter School campuses?

A: Please visit any of our School Management Organization websites to find vacancies at the campus level. Keep in mind that each SMO has a unique application process. 

Charter Schools USA

  • Campuses: Larry Hawkins, Lloyd Bond, Longwood, Loomis
  • Jobs with Charter Schools USA: Click Here     


Civitas Schools

  • Campuses: Northtown, Ralph Ellison, Wrightwood
  • Jobs with Civitas: Click Here 

Distinctive Schools

  • Campuses: Bucktown, Irving Park, Prairie, West Belden, Jackson 
  • Jobs with Distinctive Schools: Click Here 

Victory Education Partners

  • Campuses: Avalon, Basil, Washington Park
  • Jobs with Victory: Click Here