Simone Nurse

Simone Nurse is a dynamic professional deeply committed to the transformative power of education and the cultivation of diverse forms of intelligence. Hailing from the vibrant west suburbs outside of Chicago, Simone discovered her passion for working with children during her formative years, igniting a lifelong dedication to fostering learning and personal growth.

With a rich background in finance, Simone embarked on a ten-year journey in hospitality finance, spanning the bustling landscapes of both Chicago and Houston. However, her desire to make a tangible difference in the non-profit sector never waned. In 2016, Simone made a bold career pivot, transitioning into private equity and non-profit accounting upon her return to Chicago.

Today, Simone serves as a valued colleague within the educational non-profit sector at CICS (Chicago International Charter School). Her multifaceted background and unwavering dedication contribute significantly to the organization's mission of empowering students and communities through innovative educational initiatives. Simone's genuine love for learning and her appreciation for various forms of intelligence – be it creative, academic, or emotional – infuses her work with a sense of purpose and inspiration, enriching the lives of those she encounters and fostering a culture of lifelong learning within her community. 

Why do you work for CICS? I chose CICS because education is the cornerstone of a thriving society.  CICS provides opportunities, options, and equity in resources. 
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