Education Entrepreneur Fellows

Michael Bota is CICS’s Educational Entrepreneur Fellow who works with communities to help create the next generation of global citizens and social entrepreneurs.  As a Fellow, he specializes in problem-based learning, cultivating resourcefulness, and articstic expression. Michael's passion for helping gather support can be traced back to Wrightwood Elementary, where he spent significant time working on real-world, scientific learning and created a game-making club to teach basic computer skills. 

Michael spent last summer in Israel, developing techniques to teach English to Hebrew speaking children. He earned a Master of Arts in Teaching from Relay Graduate School of Education and holds a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from The University of Michigan. When he isn't busy, Michael is developing new school models at CICS, relaxing with friends, playing baseball at the park, or back at home in Michigan with his family. 


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Aiyeshia Wong is a CICS Education Entrepreneur Fellow who is working to reimagine classroom design and close the opportunity gap for underrepresented students in Chicago. As a teacher and leader, Aiyeshia has spent the past nine years educating students, designing culturally inclusive curricula, coaching teachers, and transforming school culture. She has also launched travel abroad programs across multiple Chicago schools serving students of color from under-resourced commuities. Aiyeshia began her career in education as a high school reading teacher in Miami, Florida for Teacher for America. 

Aiyeshia holds a Master's degree in Education from the University of Miami.  When Aiyeshia isn't busy supporting classroom innovation at CICS, you will likely find her wobbling through a yoga class or spending time with her loving husband and lively daughter. 

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