We are looking for Education Entrepreneurs that want to build the future of school today!

Educational opportunity is vastly disparate in Chicago due to racism, systemic oppression, generations of disinvestment, and more. This has formed a massive opportunity gap that deprives some students, particularly our city’s African-American and LatinX students, from equitable education opportunities. Meanwhile, the world is rapidly changing, and students of today must be prepared to thrive in and transform the 21st century. They need to be ready for jobs that do not yet exist and technologies that have not yet been invented. Given these two realities, Chicago needs new models of school.

As a core part of our strategy, CICS identifies brilliant education entrepreneurs eager and ready to commit to its vision for excellence, equity, and innovation, and supports them as they launch innovative new school models and organizations that redesign the learning environment.

CICS launched Chicago’s education incubator in 2017.

School Model Ventures

CICS incubates and supports three types of school model ventures, each led by an Education Entrepreneur Fellow:

  • School Transformations: A School Transformation venture is a new organization to transform low-performing campuses through innovation-focused school model transformation and change management.
  • Fresh Starts: A Fresh Start is a new school model to become a brand new school through the school approval process for Chicago.
  • Micro-Labs: A Micro-Lab is a new school model with a cohort of 25+ students at an existing campus (i.e. a school-within-a-school) or as a program within an existing campus (i.e. a portion of students’ school day).

Meet Past Fellows

Learn about past Education Entrepreneur Fellows here.

2020 Cohort Information 

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Refer Amazing Educators

Do you know an amazing educator who dreams of what school can be? Encourage them to apply and refer them! We will contact all referrals directly to share more information and invite them to apply.


If you want to design and launch a new model of school in Chicago, then we want to hear from you.


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