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19 June 2019
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I enrolled my children at CICS Bucktown because I heard great things about the school and it is close to my job and not too far from the community I live in. 

The community along with the fact that it’s a charter school. I had the opportunity to choose the school for my kids! 

What are some of the special attributes that made you choose your child’s school?

I love how all the staff members make you feel welcome. We all felt welcomed coming into the building since day one and how we all felt as if we are part of a family, a network. The attention they all gave to my kids, from their learning, to currciulm and the special attention my son and daughter received was spectacular.

Could you describe your experience as a parent at CICS-Bucktown?

My experience as a parent has been great. Like I mentioned before, everyone makes me feel welcome. I love how the teachers communicate to me on any important matter-whether its on a particular student asignment or a parent event. They are all invoiled! 

For me, besides the personalized curriculm, the after school programs were important.  I am a busy parent and they assist me in the after school care. I also love how they recognize the kids and staff each week. Recognition is important. I feel that it's  great motivation for the kids and the teachers! Everyone stays engaged that way!!

That’s it’s a great school. The teachers along with the principal are wonderful. It is a great school for the kids to learn. The teachers always ensure that my children and other students understand the curriculum they are learning. They make it a priority.  If students encounter a problem with learning, teachers offer one-on-one assitance. 

I try to stay active in my children's school as much as I can. I don’t live in the area, but I try to attend  community events or participate in student fundraisers.  

My greatest wish for my children is for them to continue  to learn and thrive, but most importantly, succeed in life. 

Their experience at CICS Bucktown has been great. Everyday when I pick them up I hear nothing but good things. My kids love their school, their teachers, and staff . They want to be part of this school until they graduate. 

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