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07 June 2024
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Nearly 40 years ago, the concept of charter schools was first introduced to encourage new and innovative ways of educating young people. Since then, charters have grown into a national movement serving 3.7 million students in nearly 8,000 schools in 46 states, plus D.C., Puerto Rico, and Guam. While public charter schools have seen tremendous growth, success, and public support since their founding, many misconceptions exist about charter schools.

Whether you are curious about public charters or a member of the CICS family, we have put this page to share the facts behind some of the common misconceptions.







One thing is abundantly clear: public charter schools have revolutionized education by providing equitable opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds. Through innovative educational models and personalized approaches, public charter schools break down barriers to learning, ensuring that every child, regardless of their zip code or socioeconomic status, has access to a quality education. By tailoring instruction to individual needs and fostering a culture of inclusivity, charter schools create environments where students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

In addition to promoting academic success, public charter schools empower families to actively engage in their children's education by offering them the freedom to choose the educational environment that best suits their needs and aspirations. This freedom of choice not only enhances the educational experience, but also strengthens the bond between families, schools, and communities. As families become active partners in the educational process, they play a crucial role in shaping their children's educational journey and advocating for their success. Therefore, advocating for policies that support educational diversity and innovation is essential to ensure that charter schools continue to thrive and provide transformative educational experiences for all students.


About Chicago Charter International Charter School (CICS)

Founded in 1997, Chicago International Charter School (CICS) is the longest-standing charter school in Chicago, pioneering innovative education since its inception. Today, CICS operates a diverse portfolio of 13 tuition-free charter schools in partnership with Civitas Education Partners, Distinctive Schools, and ReGeneration Schools. This collaborative model ensures tailored, high-quality education for students. A recent study from Stanford University found CICS Avalon, CICS Basil, and CICS Washington Park - all managed by ReGeneration Schools - to be the #1 gap-busting schools in Illinois given their elimination of learning disparities. In 2023, CICS boasted graduation rates surpassing CPS averages, with graduates receiving $94 million in scholarships. Nearly 80% of CICS campuses outpaced Illinois' growth averages, while 60% of its principals identify as Black, reflecting a commitment to diversity and excellence.

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