Chicago International Charter School Celebrates School Quality Improvements

Last week, Chicago Public Schools released school performance results – School Quality Rating Policy (SQRP) – from the 2015-2016 school year. CICS has a lot to celebrate and more work to do. We are proud to announce our third consecutive year of improvement across the network, with six of our campuses rated in the top two performance categories of SQRP. These achievements are the results of the talented and committed teachers, leaders, and operators working tirelessly for our students.

CICS Irving Park Sets My Daughter Up For Success

My name is Kathy Zerega. I am a lifelong resident of Chicago and today I live in the city with my husband and our daughter, Sophia. Sophia just finished 2nd grade at CICS Irving Park and is so excited to start 3rd grade in the fall!

Educator: Kevin Kreller

What is your role at your school?

I am a Mentor Teacher at CICS Irving Park. I teach three sections of 8th-grade History, co-teach a section of Algebra, and I help coach teachers.

Parent: Christy Schmidt – CICS Irving Park

My husband and I were looking for the best option for our two children. Our neighborhood has great elementary schools, but we wanted options, a choice. We know of a few other families at CICS-IP and how much they loved it.  So we started thinking our children should attend CICS-IP. We liked all the possibilities – at the time, it sounded like students here are being prepared for high school. After touring the Irving Park campus and understanding their personalized learning curriculum, we decided this was the best option for us and our children.

Parent: Erin Fox - CICS Irving Park

We were looking for a school that offered differentiated learning of some sort. We originally enrolled in a Catholic school since the Chicago Public School lotteries were unsuccessful for us. A week before CICS-IP started its school year, we received a call that a spot was open. After a few calls and some investigation, we decided to send our daughter to CICS-IP because of the differentiated learning program.

Parent: Johanna Fricano – CICS Irving Park

For us, our decision came during our child’s second year at CICS-Irving Park. For kindergarten, CICS-IP was logistically the best option for us. The campus was on my way to work and provided a reasonably priced aftercare option. My husband and I felt good about the school when we both went to an open house, so we thought why not try it and apply the following year. We ended up loving the school and had found our home at CICS-IP! 

Voices Blog: Brandy Holton - CICS Irving Park

I’m a huge advocate of children having fun and feeling confident while learning! I love hands-on and highly engaging learning activities being taught in the classroom--this teaching style is what makes being a middle school science teacher exciting. As an educator, I’ve often wondered how to meaningfully incorporate these crucial components into my daily lesson plans.

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